so you want to be a future puck bunny, trophy wife or just the best hockey girlfriend?

Wheeling 101

so you want to be a future puck bunny, trophy wife or just the best hockey girlfriend?

Anonymous asked: For the anon who asked about Gibson, he does have a girlfriend, her name is Alexa. Give a glance at his instagram, she's there. :)


Anonymous asked: I'm that anon with the psycho ex gf that was stalking me apparently he was aware of it and was in on it all cause he was still meeting her after work. and I text him about the tweets and he never responded lol what a pussy. she can have him cause they're both crazy

Ew that’s so fucked people are crazy

Anonymous asked: do you know if john gibson has a girlfriend? I know he plays in the nhl now but he just was recently pulled up lol

No clue!

Anonymous asked: How do you end something (maybe like a fling) with a hockey player over text? He doesn't seem interested anymore and I don't want to really waste his time anymore. Any help would be great!

Just say you’re not feeling it and you don’t wanna waste his time! If he wants it then he’ll beg for you but if not he’ll agree and that’s that

Anonymous asked: Nope she's hot though

Oh yeah I wouldn’t doubt it let me guess she’s a blonde?

Anonymous asked: Toms girlfriends name is Ashley she's from London & works at gatsbys!

Aww I wanna creep her do you know her last name

Anonymous asked: Yeah silk hates Frankie lol he has breanne down every weekend when he was there and they just rub it in his face. He's fucked because of her. She's not even hot. She also fucked Nathan cull and Nathan pancel

Oh man

Anonymous asked: Oh I was not aware he had a girlfriend. A bit confusing to me, because I am pretty sure he's single. At least if I assume from his ways of talking to me and him continuing to follow a bunch of girls on instagram..! I honestly really doubt that he has a gf. Although he could be talking to someone more than he does to me, i don't think he's dating anyone. But, anyway, if you are saying so - who is he with? I am curious now :)

I’m curious to know too

Anonymous asked: Brody silk isn't over his ex gf hahaha the donkey breanne grant

Yikes isn’t she dating frank on the wolves tho??

Anonymous asked: The anon "talking " to Tom Wilson. He has a gf

Yeah I heard he did too but then again I heard he was single… Whose he with?

Anonymous asked: is it just me or is brody silk really fucking weird? hahahah

No clue

Anonymous asked: Anything on Kenton Helgesen from the Hitmen??

No sorry!

Anonymous asked: yeah I haven't done anything I just work with her ex and we hang out at parties. that's about it. I haven't said anything about her. I just wanted to know if you've had this experience because it's creeping me out and I don't want to tell him about it and make him more stressed out about their break up and make our friendship go south. I hope she doesn't come to my work. I can't even text him cause someone hacked his phone calling me a slut and stuff it was no good. girls can be so mean.

Just don’t let it get to you

Anonymous asked: All of the steelheads know who you are. Not trying to be rude but I'm just letting you know, their not saying anything to you because they want to see what else you'll say

Please enlighten me on who I am :)

Anonymous asked: so this is gonna sound weird and idk if you can answer this but have you ever kinda almost hooked up with a hockey player in any league where his ex stalks you and subtweets about you and somehow got your phone number and text you acting all nice but then tweets really shitty things about you when you haven't even done anything but kiss him when he initiated it? does that make sense at all? idk what to do. she came to my work at the end of the day yesterday...

I know the type…hasn’t happened to me personally but it happens all the time block her number and stay away honestly girls are nuts exspesh this kind!