so you want to be a future puck bunny, trophy wife or just the best hockey girlfriend?

Wheeling 101

so you want to be a future puck bunny, trophy wife or just the best hockey girlfriend?

Anonymous asked: who's Bronte Dundas

She’s dating Jonny laser of the Barrie colts! I don’t think she’s that pretty but they do make the cutest couple!

Anonymous asked: ah sorry!! the one who plays for erie

Last time I checked he’s with someone but so is the one for Ottawa :(

Anonymous asked: is connor brown seeing anyone ?

There’s two Connor browns be more specific

Anonymous asked: to that anon i know for a fact Kassie has...but who cares about her anyway...

Anonymous asked: haha no i don't care if she did, more power to her i was just curious!

She coulda!

Anonymous asked: Are you Kassie Clark?!!?

Nope haha… Let the guessing games begin

Anonymous asked: Do you know about Kassie Clark? I heard she slept with a guy in the Ohl.

Who cares if she did haha

Anonymous asked: It makes me so angry that just because these guys are in the O they think they're top shit and can automatically get nudes

Realistically every guys like that, the O boys are just more upfront about it and don’t wanna waste any time where the other guys beed around the bush

Anonymous asked: I've been snapchatting some ohl guy and he wants nudes. It's only been an hour. What should I do? do it if you want! BUT DONT SHOW YOUR FACE

Anonymous asked: What does wheeling mean a bunch of girls


Anonymous asked: What is a wingman

Someone who helps you get the person you like for example you and your girls are at the bar and you see a hot guy, your best friend will go Up to him and try to get him to talk to you! They help you out with guys

Anonymous asked: i aspire to be a puck bunny is that bad

Haha no

Anonymous asked: How can you meet hockey players online if you don't have any teams close to where you live?

instagram :) follow them and hope for the best!

Anonymous asked: I know lots about the battalions



Why date a 19 year old when you could date a 19 year old in the NHL

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